Didgori in Toronto

MusiCamp in partnership with Clay & Paper Theatre presents:

Friday June 7 2019 8 PM
at Jeanne Lamond Hall, Trinity St Paul’s Centre 427 Bloor St West
$30/$15 student/underemployed

Saturday June 8 2019 5-7pm
location to be determined
suggested donation $25

Sunday June 9 2019 11-4pm
5 hour workshop, limited to 12 participants at MusiCamp Studio, Toronto $100

For more information about Didgori, for audio/video, or to learn of other performances as part of their Canada tour, visit Didgori in Canada.




Dundas West Festival 2017 in Review

It’s time to start thinking of summer and I’m remembering the great time we had at the Dundas West Fest last year! The 2017 line up can be viewed here. And mark the date: this year’s festival will be Saturday June 2!

ICE CREAM! an original song by MusiCampers!

Our Composition and Song week is always so creative!!! And so productive!!!

What you’re hearing right now is an original song written by the MusiCamp campers from the Composition & Song week of 2013. We run a slew of creative song writing exercises throughout the week, some where the campers work independently on theirs songs, others where they work in groups. These exercises challenge the kids to think of how a pop song is made and the different components that make an effective song – the hook, the chorus, the intro, the verses, the ending, etc.The young campers also learn to identify chord structures in a very practical and accessible way. They even make instruments, like the diddley bow or the bucket bass, and are able to play the basic I IV V chord structure on the instrument!

By the way, ICE CREAM! was written as a collaborative exercise where all the campers contributed to the making of this song. And every year, in just one week’s time, these inspired youngsters write wonderful music! It is always such a blessing to work with these young creative minds!

This year Composition & Song week runs from July 15-19, 9am – 4pm. We still have spots! You can register here.

Lecture on Georgian Polyphony

Andrea Kuzmich, MusiCamp’s director, is guest lecturing at Ryerson University, for the Traditional Musics of the World Course.

Georgia, is located in the mountainous region of the Caucasus, the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Its ancient singing tradition, known for its distinctive and haunting harmonies, was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible masterpiece of humanity in 2001. The 3-part form defies Western conventions and comes in a plethora of musical dialects, reflecting the diverse geographical and cultural makeup of the land.
This hour-long lecture will introduces traditional singing practices of Georgia by exploring the variety of polyphonic singing styles through musical examples (audio and video) as well descriptive analysis. It will also reflect on how the practices figures into the region’s historic, geographic and cultural contexts.

Guest Lecture on Georgian Polyphony by Andrea Kuzmich
For the Traditional Musics of the World Course
POD 368, Ryerson University
Cost: Free.

MusiCamp 2014 in a Flickr Review

Ahhh… to recall the warmth and fun when it’s soooo cold outside! Here are links to our Flickr pics from 2014. Click on the picks to take you to the Flickr album!

MusiCamp 2014 in Review

MusiCamp 2014 in review

MusiCamp 2014 in Review

Blues Week 2014

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.03.21 PM

Blues Week 2014

Roots Week 2014

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.02.30 PM

Roots Week 2014

Composition and Song Week 2014

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.02.01 PM

Composition and Song Week 2014