2018 MusiCamp Themes & Fees


2018 DATES!
15% EARLY BIRD registration discount before April 15!
$25 discount for additional weeks, siblings and referrals!
No additional fees or taxes charged!


July 16-20 ~ COMPOSITION & SONG ~ $285  more info
Aug 13-17 ~ WEST AFRICAN DRUMMING (guest artist!) ~ $325  more info


  • Class sizes are small.
  • All-day (9am-4pm) programming with extended care available from 8am-6pm.
  • No formal training is required. No instrument required – just an enjoyment of music
  • Our intuitive approach to exploring sound, music, composition, the voice, and the weekly themes also functions as a great supplement to conventional music lessons
  • We also integrate crafts (instrument and mask making), backyard games, Pizza-making Wednesdays in Dufferin Grove park and other outdoor fun
  • Limited financial assistance is available on a per person basis. (Contact MusiCamp for more info)
  • 2018 Registration can be accessed here


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We have added an additional West African Drumming Week for Aug 12-16, 9 am – 4 pm with extended care available for your music-loving, creative 8-12 year olds.

THE WEST AFRICAN DRUMMING WEEK is co-hosted by special guest artist AnnA Melnikoff and her orchestra of drums – so NO DRUM NEEDED – a drum will be made available to every camper! Campers will have a chance to play the polyrhythmic accompaniment on 3 bass drums (known as dunun) and develop riffs and patterns on djembes. Focusing on rhythms that accompany rights of passage, participants will have the chance to build masks and also explore the meaning of the drums and the rhythms from the very ancient Mande tradition. (To learn more about Mande music and what we’ll learn click here.)




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Past summer camp theme have included:



In the meantime, if you have any questions – about the scheduling of the different camp weeks or the content – please feel free to contact us via the top menu (Say Hi) or  email musicampTO – at -gmail.com. You can also post a question – all posts will be moderated.

$25 DISCOUNT for registering more than one child, for each additional week, and referrals.

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THE BLUES: From Shouts to 12 Bars  $225

July 15 – July 19 2013 9 am – 4 pm

Besides the musical games listed on the “about page”, the week will also include exploring the roots of the blues through the pentatonic scale, African American shouts from which the blues came, and a host musical stories. Campers will also:

  • make their own drone instruments (and explore some ideas about acoustics)
  • vocalize rhythms and chord progressions of the blues
  • compose, improvise and sing over 12-bar blues.



July 22 – July 26 2013 9 am – 4 pm       &           Aug 12 – Aug 16 2013 9 am – 4 pm

…. Special guest artist for the week includes AnnA Melnikoff and her orchestra of drums!

NO DRUM NEEDED! Special guest artist AnnA Melnikoff (along with her orchestra of drums!) will be co-hosting this week. Campers will have a chance to play the polyrhythmic accompaniment on 3 bass drums (known as dunun) and develop riffs and patterns on djembes. Focusing on rhythms that accompany rights of passage, participants will build masks and also explore the meaning of the drums and the rhythms from the very ancient Mande tradition. A drum will be made available to every camper.



July 29 – Aug 2 2013 9 am – 4 pm

Have a song you want to sing? A story you want to tell? This week will help aspiring songwriters put their ideas to music. The week’s musical activities introduce campers to aspects of songwriting – like hooks, riffs, harmony, and rhythmic accompaniment. Other aspects – like chorus-verse format, basic chord progressions,  intros and outros, rhyming and storytelling – will also be explored. By the end of the week campers will have written and/or collaborated on the creation of an original song. Kids who already have basic guitar chording are encouraged to bring their guitars. The week ends with world premiere performances of our songwriter’s compositions!