Tuesday October 15
7:00 to 8:00 PM
in Dufferin Grove Park
at the shelter in the playground
More dates and locations to be added so stay tuned…

About 4 years ago, MusiCamp’s director and founder, Andrea Kuzmich, started exploring ways to use body percussion in our kid’s summer camps. It not only functioned as a pedagogical tool to help with rhythm and arranging, but also heightened the excitement of any song – and really was inspired by Andrea’s interest to instantaneously make a party-like atmosphere, any where, any time, without instruments, but through the body alone!

This past spring (June 2019) she was honoured to lead workshops on body percussion at the Ontario Womyn’s Drum Camp. In prep to do so, she started hosting informal body percussion sessions with adults at the MusiCamp studio.

With an interest to share and develop these skills more, Andrea will be hosting all-ages open workshops starting Tuesday September 24 to in Dufferin Grove park (meet at the shelter in the playground). More dates and locations will be added so visit back to hear more or sign up below and we’ll keep you updated. And feel free to have a look at our videos below.

Body Percussion Festival 2018

Body Percussion from our summer camps

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