COVID 19 and MusiCamp

Protect yourself: wash your spirit with music, often…

It is without doubt that the performing arts are charting untrodden territory in the COVID-era. Compared to many arts organizations and innovative artists, MusiCamp has been a bit slow in response to the epidemic. Clearly, we can no longer offer our adult workshops, summer kids’ camps or facilitate other music events.

It was a sad day for us when the Dundas West Festival was postponed and we wouldn’t be able to present the incredibly diverse musical youth in our community at the MusiCamp Youth Stage. It was particularly sad because I, as an artist in residence at Dewson Public School, had been working with a group of rather talented grade 5 and 6 youth, and was inadvertently mobilizing a body percussion troupe that were creative, energized and excited to be part of the Dundas West Fest. But while we at MusiCamp were slow and careful to react, we soon found ourselves involved in different musical activities and are happy to share some updates with you.

But most importantly we want to reach out and encourage you to process all the changes of the COVID-era in your own time and space, and, if you feel like it, to be creative. Music and the other arts have such powerful healing qualities and are essential to any and all social groupings. But in this time in particular, creative work can help slow down the busy and stressed brain, help refocus on the moment, and empower you in unspeakable ways. So please, stay healthy and safe… and wash your spirit often with music, dance, drawing, film making, painting, body percussion, cooking, baking, writing, or whatever else your heart implores.




We believe we have made it work. Follow this link to see videos and understand how we teach harmonized singing online.


A fun, physically active, movement and rhythm workshop, and a great workout for the brain. Beginner/intermediate level. Follow this link to learn more, see videos, and/or register.


AUGUST 17-22 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Each day offers 3 workshops: BODY PERCUSSION, EXPLORING SONGS, and COMPOSITION & SONGWRITING. Sign your kid up for all 3 or for individual workshops. (Note for some workshops, the class size is limited.) Click here to register or learn more.

While we aren’t streaming our own musical performances – we’re leaving that to the experts to ensure excellent audio, video and connectivity – we have joined Virtual Private Concerts online. So if you have a special event coming up – an anniversary, birthday, or simply a need to connect – you can hire a musician for a private virtual event. Check it out at Virtual Concerts Online.

Ori Shalva, our family ensemble, will be a part of this incredibly diverse and exciting online festival of musician from across Ontario! With Juno award winning names like the Gryphon Trio, Lila Biali and too many others to name. Visit our post to learn more.

Grateful to Summer 2016

MusiCamp had another wonderful summer of creative musical growth and fun!

It always goes by so quickly that sometimes I don’t get to properly express my gratitude for having the chance to work with such talented and sweet kids – here at our studio and at the festivals and on-site workshops we offered, like those at Union Station. And before Fall comes rolling in and the school year takes over our parental lives, I want to thank you all – campers, parents, volunteers, guest artists and wonderful inspiring music makers – and wish you a wonderful year ahead.
Keep and eye out for more MusiCamp events – our adult singing workshops will start in October – and we look forward to a new line up of all-day summer camps for 2017!




MusiCamp is a summer day camp experience that explores music making in a positive environment, filled with activities that build your child’s musical skills in an intuitive and fun way. The activities are designed to supplement traditional formal musical training but also be accessible to the less experienced music enthusiasts. Weekly themes like The Blues, Singer-Songwriter or West African Drumming provide musical direction to the week, which is further supplemented with craft making (instruments and masks) and stories that broaden the child’s cultural and historical understandings of music and society. It all culminates in a end of week performance to which parents and friends are welcomed to attend.

No instrument needed. No formal musical training. All that’s need is a love for music, the willingness to explore the voice in all its beauty and rawness, and the readiness to be a part of an exciting and affirmative team!


Weekly themes vary each year. Past themes involved the Blues, West African Drumming, and Composition and Song.

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