MusiCamp at Do West Fest 2022!

1:30 PMUkrainian Village Dance Workshop
2:30 PMSing With Ukraine – sing with us
2:50 PMDancing in All Direction – sneak peek for 4 pm
3:00 PMWest African Drum Workshop
4:00 PMDancing in All Direction Dance Workshop
4:45 PMSing With Ukraine – sing with us

1:30 pm Dance Workshop:

Ukrainian Village Dance workshop Featuring Live Music!

2:30 & 4:45 pm Sing With Ukraine.

Come to our workshops – 7pm Thursdays May 26/Jun 2 at Shevchenko Museum (on Bloor just west of Dundas West); and Saturday 10:30 am May 28 at MusiCamp’s backyard. Or join along in our sing-a-long sections on June 4. Click here for more info and to have a listen to and even learn some songs. And more about Sing With Ukraine here.

2:45 pm Dance performance.

4:00 pm Dance Workshop:

Dancing In All Directions Dance Workshop – blending urban & indigenous dance movements to connect mind, body, spirit & emotion.

Fine tune your moves with a lead-up workshop at Lula Lounge Monday May 30 7-8 pm.

3:00 pm West African Drum Workshop:

With Master Drummer Amadou Kienou!! We’ll have drums but feel free to bring your own. Last time someone joined in from their balcony in the neighbouring apartment building!

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